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Do I need To Groom My Dog During Winter?

24 Apr, 2024

Absolutely Yes! While Your Dog’s Coat Thins Out To Prevent Them From Overheating In The Summer, That Fur Is Replaced By A Thick Undercoat Come Winter To Protect Them From The Cold.

For Shedding Dogs: You’d Think That Shedding Would Only Occur In Early Summer, As Dogs Prepare For Warmer Weather Just Like Us Humans Do By Ditching The Cozy Layers. In Reality, However, There Are Two Primary Shedding Seasons: Spring And Fall, In Response To The Temperature Changes Ahead In Summer And Winter.

A Daily Brush Will Remove Loose Hairs, Which Will Help Reduce The Amount Of Hair Shed Around Your Home. It Also Keeps Your Dog’s Coat Clean By Removing Surface Debris And Helping Spread The Natural Oils Produced By Their Skin. Brushing Is A Great Way To Bond With Your Dog And Most Of Them Will Love How It Feels. It Will Also Help You Inspect Your Dog’s Skin For Lumps, Bumps, Parasites Or Abnormalities.

Tiny Tails Pet Salon Offers De-shedding Services Right Throughout The Year. This Includes: Warm Bath And Blow Dry, Includes Desheading Shampoo & Conditioner, Brush Out Undercoat, Nails Trim, Feet & Sanitary Areas.

For Fluffy Dogs: They Require Bathing and Trimming As Often In The Winter As In The Summer. Dogs Often Suffer From Central Heating-Related Dry Skin And Can Absorb Salt And Gravel Into Their Coats. Long, Wet, Matted Hair Can Create A Cold, Wet And Infection-Susceptible Dog. Matted Fur Does Nothing To Insulate The Dog; It Can Cause Discomfort, Pain And Even Hot Spots.

Tiny Tails Offers Full Winter Groom During Winter Time and will be at The Pet Show, Brisbane on the 22 + 23 June, 2024.

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