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The Wonderful Life of Adopted Greyhounds

15 Feb, 2023

At Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) New South Wales, we're very passionate about greyhound wellbeing - from entry to our program to post-adoption.

In this article, we will highlight the ideal life of an adopted Greyhound.

Differences between kennel life and domestic life

Daily schedule

A typical racing Greyhound will have a set daily routine.

They will sleep in their kennels from a set time each night, be let out to go to the toilet at a set time, have dinner at a set time, and exercise at a set time.

This can vary markedly from what a domestic pet experiences in our homes, where routines are more flexible. There is often more stimulation, sights and sounds in a home versus the very controlled environment that your typical racing greyhound would experience.


The relationship between a Greyhound and their new owner may also be quite different to their past life. As pet owners, we would expect more interaction one on one from our dogs compared to what they are used to.

At GAP NSW, we equip our adopters with a wealth of knowledge so they can form the best relationship with our wonderful dogs. We’re proud to support owners post-adoption, both in the initial settling-in period, as well as all the months and years after adoption.

Although Greyhounds transition well from racing to pet life, this transition is bolstered through gradual, positive and controlled reinforcement. Our team are always contactable to see what support can be given to adopters.

Helping greyhounds learn independence and choice

Autonomy is becoming more important in the dog training world, and it is vital for dog owners to foster some level of autonomy in their dogs – this includes greyhounds.

We need to teach our dogs what they can and can’t be doing in our absence or passive presence. One key thing that can help foster autonomy is giving your dog outlets for low-intensity seeking behaviour, which can be done through the provision of enrichment.

Usually, enrichment is opportunities for the dog to sniff, chew, and lick.

These provisions help the dog relax and give them something to do without an active owner's presence. This way, the dog will have tasks to make them feel good while you, the owner, isn't there.

At Greyhounds As Pets, we're always promoting the positive wellbeing of our dogs and dog ownership in general. If you are thinking of adopting a greyhound or want to learn more, we've got plenty of resources on our website for you to consult.

Together we can improve wellbeing for greyhounds throughout NSW!

Article supplied by Greyhounds As Pets NSW

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