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RSPCA Queensland

As the state’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, RSPCA rescues and cares for thousands of animals every year. In the last 12 months more than 103,000 animals came through our doors across the country; that’s 282 every single day. Preventing cruelty and neglect and giving every animal the best possible chance of a happy, healthy life is what we are all about.

The RSPCA will be at The Pet Show, Brisbane Showgrounds, 22 + 23 June 2024 to promote the adoption option and contribute to the education and awareness of responsible pet care and guardianship.

Their expert team looks forward to chatting with fellow animal lovers about their furry, feathered and scaly family members, and they have tonnes of tips to help pets live their best possible lives.

Part proceeds from each ticket sale for this event go directly to RSPCA, and so on behalf of our furry, scaly, and feathery friends – thank you in advance!

See you there!

Forever Friends - Luna & Epic (true story)

In 2018 RSPCA Queensland inspectors were made aware of a dog suffering from multiple chronic untreated medical conditions. The dog was underweight, had extensive fur-loss, eye infections, entropion on both eyes, and exposed roots on many of her teeth. She was also being used for breeding. The dog was Luna.

Inspectors worked with the owner of the dog for an extended period, providing education, advice, and even basic treatment. The owner was given directives to follow. Unfortunately, the owner did not provide Luna with the medical treatment she required, and in August 2019 inspectors were left with no choice but to seize Luna.

RSPCA Queensland was finally able to provide Luna with the medical treatment she so desperately needed.

Unknown whether she would ever become a candidate for adoption due to the chronicity and severity of her medical conditions, Luna began her journey to recovery in foster care with a staff member. Her foster family couldn't part with her and made her a permanent addition.

A year later, Luna had major spinal surgery due to a ruptured disc and was on strict orders to rest post-surgery and couldn’t interact with other dogs for at least 6 weeks. Luna’s mum decided to bring home a foster cat to keep her company. Like Luna, the cat had a tough past and had been seized by RSPCA Queensland inspectors.

Luna was given the brief to show her new feline friend a great time while she was with the foster family, but not to get too attached, as she may end up going back to her owner at the conclusion of her case. Luna got attached, and she and the cat were inseparable from the day they met.

The no name cat with the biggest personality eventually found a name that fit perfectly - Madam Epic Loquacious Butterbean Von Plump! Luna was lucky enough to be able to welcome Epic as her forever sister.

Photo courtesy of: Hairypants Pet Photography

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