Can I Bring My Pet

As this is a crowd related event, to ensure the safety of all animals, your pet needs to stay at home with adequate food, water and shelter.

There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is the safety and wellbeing of your pet. We cannot ensure your loved pets all stay safe and out of reach from our younger visitors curious grasp and quick actions (think hugging too tightly and ear pulling). In addition, we simply cannot service every pet owner bringing their pet, so to be fair and equitable to all, we have made a rule which covers every attendee without bias.

Arriving with a pet will decrease your time within the show as you'll need to take your fur or feathered friend home. Pets that are bought to the event and left outside, tied up or in cars, will be reported to the relevant authority. This is a human show to celebrate all things PETS and we encourage you to share the spoils when you return home.

To attend an event that does cater for the bringing of your pet, please visit the RSPCAs Million Paws Walk or RSPCA Rescue Run

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