Guests & Attractions

With a range of celebrity vets, education and entertainment there is something for everyone at The Pet Show.

Melbourne Showgrounds
March 1+ 2 2025
10am - 4pm

A fun & educational day for the entire family

Bluey & Bingo

See Bluey and her little sister Bingo during their Live Interactive Experience. Get ready to play Magic Asparagus, Magic Xylophone, Keepy Uppy and more with your favourite Heeler duo.

Bluey & Bingo and their friends will be performing twice daily on the Dog Town stage at 11am & 1pm

Dr Katrina Warren

A veterinarian, best known for her work in the media as a presenter and spokesperson, currently the regular vet on the TODAY Show on the Nine Network.

Dr Katrina will be speaking daily on the Dog Town and Cat Town main stages.

Dr Lisa Chimes

Dr Lisa Chimes is a practicing Australian veterinarian who works in the emergency and critical care department at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital. Dr Lisa has starred in popular TV shows Bondi Vet and Dr Lisa to the Rescue. Dr Lisa is a proud supporter of a variety of pet rescue organisations, and is the founder of pet care brands DOG by Dr Lisa and CAT by Dr Lisa. She resides in Sydney with her husband, four children, two dogs and cat.

Ben Dessen

TV presenter Studio10, author, wildlife advocate and pet expert. With his zoological background and extensive, hands-on experience working with a wide variety of wildlife species you won't want to miss Ben's presentation at The Pet Show.

Cat Competition

The Pet Show Cat Competition presented by Cats Australia is a celebration of all cats!

The Cat Competition is an exhibition where cats and kittens are judged by breed standards, condition, and beauty. If you visit The Pet Show Cat Competition, you find yourself in the midst of several exciting competitions. A cat show is actually composed of several separate smaller shows that run concurrently in various judging rings throughout the show area. Judges preside over each ring, and every cat entered in the show is evaluated by each and every judge. These judges evaluate cats and give awards based on which cat best represents the standard of the breed.

The Wonderdogs

Lead by Dr Katrina Warren and renown dog trainer Kelly Gill, a team of highly trained Border Collies will provide entertainment and education for the public.

The Wonderdogs will be demonstrating twice daily on the Dog Town stage and hosting a Masterclass in the Dog Arena.

Scales & Tails of every persuasion

Our scales and tails team have been working with Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates for decades.

Touch and hold the real stars of the day!

Australia’s First Goldfish Competition!

Attention all aquatic enthusiasts and curious minds! Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable journey into the world of colossal goldfish at the Goldfish Competition! That’s right, your common goldfish can actually grow to 14 inches long! That’s the size of a Sherrin football!

Judged by Experts: Our panel of experienced aquarists and goldfish aficionados will carefully evaluate each contender based on size, coloration, and overall health.

Fun for the Whole Family: The Australian Goldfish Competition isn't just for seasoned aquarists! It's a fantastic opportunity for families to learn about responsible fishkeeping and bond over their shared love for these charming aquatic companions.

Demonstrations at the Dog Arena

You're sure to see some su-paw-stars at the Dog Arena. With demonstrations like:

  • Scent Work
  • Agility
  • Wonderdogs Tricks Masterclass
  • Dances with Dogs

Treibball by Dogs Victoria

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed game of canine soccer, folks! Brought to your by Dogs Victoria, Treibball is the fascinating world of herding where our four-legged stars show off their skills by manoeuvring massive balls through designated goals. It's a game of teamwork, strategy, and pure entertainment! So grab your popcorn and join us at the Pet Show in Melbourne for this pawsome display of talent!

2:30pm each day in the Dog Arena

Dr Dennis Wormald

A veterinarian, best known for his work in resolving anxiety-related behaviour problems in dogs. Dennis will be speaking on the Dog Stage about 'Why difficult dogs deserve love' because every dog deserves to be happy and understood.

Kerryn Martin

A qualified and highly experienced dog trainer, Kerryn is passionate about working with pooches and their parents to develop a great long-term relationship and a dog with really nice manners. Kerryn will be sharing her 'Training Tales' from K9 Manners Dog Training on the Dog Stage.

Mel Vincent

Avian Behaviourist, Mel Vincent is one of the most experienced bird trainers in Australia. Her passion for birds and her ability to understand the animals that she works with are unsurpassed. Mel will be sharing her tips for 'Training your feathers friends' on the Small Town Stage.

Erin Funnell

Former RSPCA Inspector, now Zoologist, Erin Funnell is your local Ant Expert! Erin's aim is to provide kids with a meaningful hobby through Ant Farms. Kids can learn about the importance of nature, and grow a sense of responsibility and empathy towards other living things. Ant farms are small, secure and low-maintenance pets. Erin will be sharing her Wonderful World of Ants' on the Small Town Stage.

Birdlife Conservation

Meet our experts and share in their knowledge on Australian birdlife and conservation. Whether you’re an old or new bird lover, a bird watcher or avid conservationist, there'll be something for you to experience. Come and flamingle with some feathery friends at The Pet Show!

Grooming Competition

The Pet Show is excited to announce the launch of our inaugural dog grooming competition. Curated by Jo Marsden, learn about dog grooming, speak with groomers about what’s best for your breed and, enjoy the high levels of skill required to ensure your best friends look perfect each and every time. There’ll be oodles of oodles, purebred beauties and even model dogs for you to enjoy. The Grooming Competition is on both Saturday & Sunday

Memorial Wall

Looking to honour a lifetime of unconditional love from your beloved pet that has crossed over the rainbow bridge? Then stop by and place a photo of them on the Edenhills memorial wall. You can print in advance in the link below or on the day at the show.

  1. Feel free to print this pet memorial template prior to the show; in the blank space you are welcome to stick your own photo of your pet that has gone across the rainbow bridge; write your beloved pets name in the pet tag below (circle); and bring along to The Pet Show and place on the Edenhills Pet Memorial Wall.
  2. Spare templates will also be available at the Edenhills Pet Memorial Wall so that you can write some loving words/draw your pet if you prefer to do this at the show.
  3. Alternatively, just bring a pet photo if you prefer to place up on the Edenhills Pet Memorial Wall.
Print Template for Pet
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