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Choosing the Best Winter Bed for Your Dog

11 Jun, 2024

Just like us, dogs need a safe space of their own to rest and relax. Choosing the right winter bed for your dog means they will have a warm and comfortable winter haven where they can curl up and snooze.

What to Consider When Choosing a Winter Dog Bed
Look for a bed that fulfils both your dog’s needs and your needs – you both need to be happy with the selection. There is no one size or style of bed that is going to suit all dogs and dog parents, so there are several things to consider when making your selection.

Size and Shape of the Dog Bed
You will need to make sure the bed provides enough space for your dog to sleep in their favourite positions, whether that is fully stretched on their back, or snuggled up in a cuddly ball. The shape of the bed is important too, as depending on how your dog likes to use the bed, a rectangular bed may give your dog more space than a circular bed. Also, think about where the bed will be positioned in your home, and will it fit in the available space you have for a bed.

Materials Used to Make the Winter Dog Bed
A good winter dog bed provides both warmth and comfort for your dog. On the exterior of the bed, look for plush, fleecy, and faux fur fabrics that will help trap warm air close to your dog’s body while they sleep. The textures of these fabrics are soft and snuggly and help to relax your pet so they can sleep soundly.
The bed should always feel stable and safe underfoot for the dog, even when they are scratching and digging in the bed to create what they feel is the perfect sleep nest. The base of the bed should have an exterior lining of anti-slip fabric, that prevents the bed sliding when it is on smooth floors or when the dog is moving around in the bed.

Dense soft stuffing and supportive orthopaedic foam are the best interior fillings for a great winter bed for your dog. Both fillings provide warmth and comfort. Soft stuffing creates a cushion that your dog can snuggle into, while orthopaedic memory foam provides joint and posture support when the dog is sleeping and resting.
Beds with cuddly filled walls or bolsters give your dog raised bed sides they can snuggle into to create a cocoon of warmth. The bed walls nestle the dog and provide a feeling of being safely wrapped and calm while they sleep.

Once you have chosen the best winter bed for your dog and brought it home, your dog will love it and it will be used frequently, so from time to time you will need to wash it. Choose a bed that either has a machine-washable outer cover that can be easily removed and refitted, or a bed that can be completely machine washed with the cover still attached.

The Colour and Style of the Dog Bed
The best winter dog beds will not only be functional for your dog, but they will also look great in your home. The shape, colour and fabric textures of the bed should fit the décor of your home, so you are happy to see it in your lounge, bedroom, or anywhere in your home, for the winter months. Look for beds that have high-quality design and workmanship, made from soft fabrics in neutral colour tones.

Choosing the Best Winter Dog Beds with CADoS
CADoS winter dog beds range has been designed to provide warmth and comfort for your dog, using premium materials and high-quality workmanship. It includes a wide choice of winter bed styles and fabrics, ensuring there is a bed that will be just right for your dog, and for you.

If you have enjoyed reading about winter dog beds and would like further assistance with choosing the best winter bed for your dog, visit with CADoS Bedding at the Budget Pet Products stand at The Pet Show, Brisbane 22 + 23 June 2024.

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