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Create a Bucket List for your Pet

09 Mar, 2023
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Creating a Bucket List is a great way to honour your friendship with your pet, and you can start ticking off the items together at any stage. At Edenhills, we have put together some suggestions to help you put together a meaningful list to honour their lifetime of unconditional love.

Step One

Sit back, relax and find a comfortable place where you can brainstorm. Pick that special spot in your home where you and your pet like to hang out, or head to your favourite outdoor area for some fresh air and ideas.

Step Two

Think of things that are meaningful to you:

  • Where is your favourite place to go with your pet? Are you both adventurous or are you more home bodies?
  • Refresh your mind with some old photos of you and your pet. Is it possible to relive any of your favourite memories?
Step Three

Think of things you don’t typically allow your pet to do:

  • Are they allowed on the couch?
  • Are they allowed to partake in pizza night?
  • Are they allowed to sleep in bed with you?
Step Four

Remember that no item is too small, and no item is too large. It is important to have a wide variety of ideas on your list. You shouldn’t place any limitations on your ideas just because they don’t seem possible at this very moment.

Step Five

Create your list! For help, have a look at the Edenhills template,

Bucket List Ideas:
  • Where is your pet’s favourite place to go for a walk?
  • Does your pet enjoy car rides?
  • What are the things you always wanted to try with your pet but never did?
  • Do they have a best friend (other than you)? Have they been able to see them recently?
  • Has your pet ever had a massage?
  • Has your pet ever swum in the ocean?
  • Have you ever had a birthday party for your pet? What would be the theme?
  • Do they like the water? If so, what is their favourite water activity?
  • Have they ever been on a picnic?
  • Have they ever been on a boat?
  • Have you ever taken a pet friendly holiday? Where will you go? What will you do?
  • Has your pet ever worn a costume or dressed up for a special occasion?

Article supplied by Edenhills

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