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Indoor Entertainment Tips for your Dog or Cat

25 May, 2023
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Top boredom busting ideas for your cats and dogs when stuck indoors – no matter the occasion!

Ways to Entertain Your Dog or Cat When Indoors

I don’t know about you, but if I’m stuck indoors for a whole day, my puppies go a little stir crazy. They either spend the entire day sulking because we can’t go for a walk, or they end up dragging soft toys, shoes or toilet paper around the house (and we definitely don’t want the last one to happen!)

Although there’s not much we can do about occasionally having to deal with things strewn across the house, there’s definitely some quick fixes to turn a boring day inside into a fun-filled play day for your pooch!

1. Play Hide and Seek

It might sound a little silly, but honestly, your pup will have the time of their lives. Do you remember how fun it was to play hide and seek when you were a kid? (Just talking about it brings back so many fun memories). All you have to do is play hide and seek around the house with your doggie, teach them to sit and stay while you find a good hiding spot. Great for brain training too!

2. Play Tug of War

Grab out a rope toy get tugging! Tug of war is not only super fun for your pup, but it also lets them release frustration and allows them to set a goal - to win tug of war. Tug of war is a game to teach impulse control and a relationship building game with your dog. Practice teaching the dog to “give” on cue and trade the tug toy for a treat. If your dog can release the tug on cue, it makes the game way more fun and helps your dog learn impulse control at the same time.

3. Play Hand Ball

I feel like this list is turning into a childhood nostalgia list, but the next fun activity to play with your dog is indoor handball. Now it would be pretty impressive if your pooch could play handball (that would be a sight to see), but this game involves two people playing handball, and your pup madly running after the ball to catch it. This is a great way to get in some exercise in for you and your fur baby. You can tweak the game for cats too! Lots of cats enjoy bouncy rubber balls or even balls made of scrunched up paper.

4. Play Find the Treats

This is super simple but effective. Hide some doggy treats around the house and let your dog sniff them out. It is a great way to extend feeding time as well!

5. New Tricks

You know that awesome trick you saw on the internet but felt like you didn’t have the time or energy to actually teach it to your pet? Well here’s your chance! Whether you want to teach your dog to sit, shake or even back flip, teaching your dog new tricks will not only fill in the time of the gloomy day, but it will keep your dog mentally stimulated and happy. You can also teach your cat how to high-five, sit and jump through your arms too! It can be done, check out our RSPCA School for Dogs trainer Dee teaching high-five to a cat here.

6. Use a Long-Lasting Enrichment Toy

Enrichment like the Everlasting Treat Ball or Kong Classic are a great, effortless way to make sure your pooch is occupied when you’re not home and of course, when stuck indoors! Fill the Busy Buddy with your dog’s favourite treats and watch them enjoy themselves as they stay mentally engaged. Your cat may even enjoy a cat wobbler toy too! If you rinse out an empty milk bottle, you can even fill that with treats to keep your pooch entertained.

7. Groom your Cat or Dog

Time for a makeover! Get out your dog’s nail clippers, shampoo and comb and get grooming. Grooming your cat and dog will make them feel better, and it’s also a great opportunity to check their fur for any abnormalities or even ticks they may have picked up!

8. Bubble Time

Bubble blowing is simple yet so effective. Purchase some non-toxic bubbles and enjoy spending time watching your pet try to catch the bubbles. They will adore you, and it’s an easy task to do whilst you’re watching TV, cooking or just relaxing.

9. Relax

Life never stops. We’re always on the go and sometimes we forget to just chill out and relax. Spend the day curled up on the couch with your doggie and enjoy a good movie, some snacks and their company. Although you might feel a little bit guilty for not doing something active with your dog, don’t worry at all! Your pup will love some down time too.

Article supplied by RSPCA Queensland

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