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Saying Goodbye to your Beloved Pet: The Benefits of Pet Cremation

29 Jun, 2023
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Losing a beloved pet is undeniably a heartbreaking experience. The overwhelming grief can make it difficult to make decisions regarding their remains. In this article, we will explore the advantages of pet cremation, so that when the time comes for your furry companion to cross the Rainbow Bridge, you can consider this option.

Simple and Dignified Process

Opting for pet cremation provides a simple and convenient way to bid farewell to your cherished pet while treating their remains with the utmost respect and dignity. Trained professionals perform a series of steps to ensure a proper cremation process. The ashes are then returned to you in a beautiful package, allowing you to keep a tangible memory of your beloved pet.

Removes the Distress of Handling the Body

When faced with the heartbreaking task of saying goodbye, the sight of your pet's lifeless body can intensify the grief. Choosing professional pet cremation services eliminates the need for you to handle their body yourself, especially if you plan to bury them on your property. By entrusting the entire process to experts, you can focus on grieving and celebrating the life of your wonderful companion.

Cost-Effective Option

Pet cremation offers a cost-friendly alternative to traditional burial. Unlike burial, which requires purchasing a plot in a cemetery or a casket, cremation allows you to bid farewell to your furry loved one without incurring excessive expenses. This makes it an affordable option that doesn't compromise on the sentiment and respect you wish to show your pet.

Prevents Environmental and Health Risks

Compared to backyard burial, pet cremation eliminates the risk of exposure to diseases and harmful organisms. In the case of contagious diseases like Parvovirus, burying your pet on your property can contaminate the soil for an extended period. This poses a health risk to anyone who comes into contact with the ground. Additionally, the pet's remains can attract bugs and animals seeking shelter underground, particularly during the winter. Moreover, the use of Pentobarbital, a concentrated anesthetic agent administered by veterinarians during euthanasia, can linger on the pet's body for up to a year and potentially poison other scavenging animals.

Provides a Range of Options for Remembrance

One of the most beautiful aspects of pet cremation is the plethora of options it offers for celebrating and remembering your pet. You can choose to place the ashes in a stunning brass or wooden urn, keep a small amount in a locket close to your heart, or even have the ashes transformed into a unique piece of decorative art. Moreover, unlike traditional burial, cremation allows you to take your pet's ashes with you if you decide to move homes. These are just a few thoughtful ideas for what you can do with your pet's ashes, enabling you to create a personalized and lasting tribute.

Choose What Works for You and Your Family

While pet cremation presents numerous benefits, it's crucial to consider all available options and select what feels right for you and your family. Ultimately, the goal is to provide your furbaby with a dignified and graceful farewell.

If you are considering pet cremation and would like to learn more about the process, feel free to reach out to Pet Angel Australia. We are here to discuss your needs and provide the support you require during this difficult time.

Article supplied by Pet Angel Australia

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