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Top facts about Turtles

07 Mar, 2024

Common Facts and Guides to keep your turtle Healthy!

Did you know that all Australian turtles grow large? The tiny ones you see in pet shop are only babies.

Turtles need are large tank to grow in and thrive with UV, basking, heater and a dock to allow them to bask under a heat lamp like they would out in the wild on a rock, this is imitating the sun and helps them to grow and reduce the risk of soft shell disease.

Turtles make amazing pets and are easy to look after if your turtle tank is setup correctly.

You could have your little shelled mate for at least 30 years if not more.

The average size of your Australian Fresh water turtle's is around 30cm if not bigger.

Baby freshwater turtles will be on display by Going Troppo Pets at the Melbourne Pet Show this April 2024.

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