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Top Secrets! What Products Do Professional Dog Groomers Use?

26 May, 2023

Have you ever wondered how some dogs look so fabulous? Is it a mystery how the neighbours get their Samoyed so very fluffy and white? Curious?

Whether you are a professional show dog expert, a dog groomer, or an enthusiastic owner who embraces the chance to keep your dog looking its absolute best, having the right products on hand to achieve that special look is vital. After all, each breed of dog is unique and being able to highlight and promote their best features can be lots of fun. Here’s a look at the products professional dog groomers use to get that winning look.

Dog Shampoos

Professional dog show owners or groomers use shampoos made specifically for dogs to get the best out of their coats natural silhouette or shape. There is a whole range of shampoos for dogs from whitening, stain removing, softening, body building and even those that add shine. Many mix and match these shampoos to help emphasise the natural shape of the dogs silhouette.

For dogs that can have itchy or sensitive skin such as Boxers or Beagles, gentle shampoos that clean without irritation are key.

Facial shampoos are specifically designed to clean faces without any tears! These are particularly brilliant on dogs with brachycephalic faces such as bulldogs and pugs. Facial shampoos are required to clean the wrinkles of these breeds that can easily get infected. Likewise, facial shampoos are great for all breeds to clean around the eyes and mouth without causing any harm or discomfort to your dog.

Dog Treatments

Yes, dogs can benefit from treatments just like us! Treatments can help with hydration and moisturise even the most dry and brittle coats. Treatments come in a variety of forms including leave in moisturising foams, hydrating leave in oils, coat balms, and intensive conditioning treatments. All can be incredibly beneficial for the coat and skin with remarkable results.

Dog Styling & Finishing Products

To get that amazing, fanned tail, perhaps a volumised coat, or an extra crisp coat texture, groomers use a variety of products depending on the silhouette requirement.

Tricks of the trade include mousse, texturisers, hair shapers and hairsprays. What about makeup for dogs? Yes, they use that too! There may be stained spots on white coats or worn elbows that require a slight touch-up. Professionals use cover up creams to mask blemishes just like humans!

Coat deodorises are common and can be useful to freshen a coat or living areas where our dog may have left any ‘doggy’ scent. A light mist is all you need to impress.

For that final flurry you can use a range of finishing products that can take your dog’s coat to the next level! From sparkling dust and powders that capture the light, to shine sprays that make the coat gleam, these are easy to use products that help to make a statement.

We judge with all senses, so a glamourous hint of extra shine, a beautiful smell, and sharp whites certainly be impressive. And these are just some of the styling products professionals use to ready their show dogs for competition day in the ring.

Professional Dog Grooming Brushes and Combs

With the right professional-grade ergonomic brushes and combs, your dog gets the brushing experience they deserve. Ergonomic handles and flexible gentle pin cushions ensure your dog has a pleasant experience. Longer-tipped pins push deeper into their coat if needed, and grooming combs reduce static and drag on dogs with longer hair. You can also use grooming combs in combination with scissors to attain just the style you’re looking for! Professional dog groomers use a wide variety of tools and products to get their dogs ready for Show Day, and now you can achieve the same look at home.

Since every breed of dog has different needs when it comes to caring for their coat, it can be useful to use Plush Puppy’s free grooming advice, which is available online. Just contact us with your dog’s breed, age, sex, colour, and type, in addition to any coat issues they are now facing, and we can offer you our expert advice. Additionally, you can do some research on your own using our breed grooming articles by entering your dog’s breed and accessing our vast library of grooming recommendations. A vibrant, healthy-looking coat can be obtained and maintained for a fresh-looking, immaculate dog.

At Plush Puppy we can help you get there!

Article supplied by Plush Puppy

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