Our Towns

We have a passion for our community as well as pets! The Pet Show is a celebration of both.

To easily navigate around The Pet Show, we have dedicated towns. Choose to follow the roads & wander the entire event, participate in the Pet Pack Treasure Hunt, or utilise the directional signage to head directly to the pet type or attraction that you love the most, discovering the rest of the show later & making it a great day out for everyone.

Discover our towns*:

* Just click the town of interest to learn more!

Kid Town

All about the kids with pet themed face painting, Bluey & Bingo craft activities, the Pet Pack Treasure Hunt and for the little ones, an agility trail. Family fun for the whole day!

Face Painting Fun

Join the Pet Pack crew with pawesome face painting by our talented artists and become a cat, a dog, a lizard or a fish perhaps? Our team will have you fitting right into The Pet Show theme in no time.

Hands on Fun

Wackadoo! With Bluey and Bingo performing at The Pet Show, what better way to celebrate than with some creative craft activities.

The Barking Bay

Ambient Lounge has designed a rest area to while away a moment when your kids tackle kid town; settle into their amazing chairs for a breather.

Face Painting

Bingo & Bluey Craft Activities

Agility Fun

Cat Town

Are you all about Cats?

You'll see the who's who of our feline favourites! From Abyssinians to Toygers, Burmese, Persians, Pixiebobs and so many more.

Rescue Groups

Chat to our rescue group members about adopting the right cat or kitten for your family.


Meet the breeders & their purr-fect pals to discover more about specific breeds and characteristics. See these purrfect felines face to face, give them a pat and share the love!

International Cat Championship Shows

Cats Australia is hosting 3 x The International Cat Association, Inc. Championship shows at The Pet Show along with a Cats Australia Local Series Championship show. We are very excited to have some amazing judges who will be with us.

The Cat Town Stage

Top presenters including Dr Kate Adams, Dr Kate Mornement and Dr Trish Santos-Smith among others.

The Cat's Cafe

Fancy some fresh air? We have an outdoor cafe with a wide range of food & beverage right next to our feline friends at Cat Town.

Main Stage Celebrity Presenters



Education, Information & Interaction

Dog Town

Everything that you need to know about your pampered pooch!

Rescue Groups & Adoption Information

Meet the teams of staff and volunteers behind a range of trusted rescue groups. You'll be able to meet some of their furry friends and discuss adoption to ensure success in your possible furever home.


Chat to Breeders and MEET THE BREED

Take a look at a range of dog breeds, their characteristics and needs to help make an informed choice on your newest furever friend. Meet them face to face to make sure you're barking up the right tree!

There will also be an opportunity to ASK THE BREEDER and share in their knowledge.

Dog Town Stage

Our main stage presentations are unmissable with brilliant presenters including Dr Katrina Warren, Dr Kate Adams, Dr Kate Mornement, Bluey and some special surprises.

Refuresh Groom Town

Learn about the world of grooming!

Refuresh have presentations and demonstrations throughout the day. Refuresh’s dog grooming tools will have your dogs looking and feeling their best.

Dog Diner

Take a moment out of your day to stop and refresh with a range of food and beverage options at the Dog Diner!

Bluey & Bingo *

*Meet & Greet: No additional charge but spaces must be booked online. Choose add on after selecting your ticket for Pet Show Entry

See Bluey and her little sister Bingo during their Live Interactive Experience. Get ready to play Magic Asparagus, Magic Xylophone, Keepy Uppy and more with your favourite Heeler duo.

Bluey & Bingo and their friends will be performing twice daily on the Dog Town stage.

Stage Show times for Bluey & Bingo:

Saturday & Sunday 11am & 1pm

Meet & Greet

Breeders & their Pawfect Pals


Main Stage Celebrity Presenters

Dog Arena

Happy Tails Dog Arena

Are you ready to level up your relationship with your fur-friends?

Learn about agility training, dances with dogs, scent work and other amazing activities that you can do with your hound.

The Wonderdogs

Lead by Dr Katrina Warren and renown dog trainer Kelly Gill, a team of highly trained Border Collies will provide entertainment and education for the public.
The Wonderdogs will be demonstrating twice daily on the Dog Town stage and hosting a Masterclass in the Dog Arena.

Dog Arena

The Wonderdogs

Dancing With Dogs Demonstrations

Scent Work

Small Town

Looking for smaller animals? We have the ultimate line-up of creatures to appeal to all animal lovers!

The Scales and Tails Touch Zone

Come and meet lizards, insects, snakes, turtles and frogs personally with the Raptor Reptiles team. A hands on experience not to be missed!

Small Town Stage

An amazing array of talks throughout the day complimented by our stage host, Ben Dessen, TV presenter Studio10 and author of The Ultimate Pet Handbook.

We welcome Dr Kate Mornement, together with Dr Emma Hall, Erin Funnell - Queen of Ants, the Dymax team AND our Raptor Reptiles friends!

Conservation & Birdlife

Meet some knowledgeable bird enthusiasts as they share their insights on Australian birdlife and conservation. Some fabulous feathered friends will be joining them too!

The Lizard Lounge

Take a break and relax with some tasty food and drink options right near our Small Town pals.

Small Town

Small Town Celebrity Presenters

Scales & Tails Touch Zone

Scales & Tails to meet

Bird & Exotic Animal Talks

Reef Town

We’ve added salt to The Pet Show and created Reef Town.

Join aquatic starters through to elite hobbyists for a specialist showcase of all things freshwater and reef in Reef Town and Dymax Fish Town.

Combine this with over 30 excited and enthusiastic exhibitors ready to provide advice and sell you the latest products at the best prices.

Onto freshwater now ...
You can also check out the Australian Discus Show 2023 and the Australian Shrimp Championships 2023 first hand.

What’s a discus fish?

The Discus fish, known as the Symphysodon Discus, is a freshwater fish and is particularly easy to recognise because of its disk-like shape, bright colours and graceful movements. It is one of the most popular species but requires specific care.

Discus are members of the Family Cichlidae and are sometimes referred to as "King of the Aquarium" because of their majestic beauty and regal colors. At least three species have been described, although debate continues over the validity of several assigned scientific names.

Discus in the wild

Discus are found in floodplain lakes and flooded forests of the lowland Amazon River basin and some of its tributaries, including the Rio Negro.

Discus characteristics

The Discus fish is perhaps the most beautiful and regal fish in any aquarium. Its body is very compressed on the sides, it has a disk-shaped profile and its fins are large and elegant. It is a species characterised by iridescence, streaks and vertical bands and can have different colours: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, blue and green, brown and black.

What do discus eat?

Discus fish are carnivores, but they can be bred as omnivores in an aquarium.

This competition will award prizemoney and a Grand Champion and has been curated beautifully by David Mai and Kelvin Chang.

Australian Discus Show 2023

Discus Competition


Dymax Fish Town

For everything you need to know or buy for fish, aquariums and aquascaping.

Aquarium Area

Wander through our aquarium area to invigorate and inspire your artistic talents.

Aquascaping Workshops *

* No additional charge.

Plan your aquascaping workshop and learn even more, limited spaces available.

Workshops will be held twice daily.

Saturday: 11am & 2pm

Sunday: 11am & 2pm

To attend a workshop, simply arrive at the Dymax stand 10 minutes before the start time stated above.

Aquascaping Workshops

Try & Buy


Pet Pack Treasure Hunt

Don't know where to start?

Join the Pet Pack Treasure Hunt with your little explorers and sniff out treasure and experiences around The Pet Show.

To find out more, get a bag & map, & scan in, please head to the Pet Pack Treasure Hunt stand near the main entry*.

By scanning in right from the start, you’ll go in the draw to win** one of ten prizes.

To get ahead of the game, download your map and instructions before you arrive!

You'll need to follow the map to collect your goodies & participate in activities at specially marked stands in Fish Town, Cat Town, Dog Town, Small Town & Kid Town.

Participating stands are marked with the Pet Pack Treasure Hunt logo for your convenience.

Accept the mission and discover the awesome world of PETS!

*one bag and map per family

Maze Activities


Products for all the family

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